Sponsors are individuals and businesses who want to support nonprofits around Spokane.

gigs4good sponsors are the people that volunteers serve before donation. Sponsors are likely involved in the Spokane community, kind-hearted, generous, and busy.

Involved Individuals

gigs4good loves to connect with individuals already planning to make a charitable donation! Perhaps you have a monthly charity budget or make recurring donations…. if so, why not get some free work out of it?

Thank You Sponsors!

We love our sponsors! Thank you so much for your support and we hope that you received help along the way too.

Donation Expectations

gigs4good is NOT the best way to costs cut for your project, organization, short term task, or other idea. We love saving money too, but our organization was not created to be a cheap or free labor substitute. Our volunteers receive no financial gain for their help, and in return we anticipate a valuable donation that would likely exceed the cost of typical labor.

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