Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. Please reach out directly if your question is not answered below.

Where does my donation to gigs4good go?

An in-need, Spokane-area nonprofit and/or charity

Are gigs4good workers paid?

No. gigs4good workers are volunteers who want to facilitate donations at no financial benefit to themselves.

Does gigs4good keep any of the money that I donate?

No. 100% of proceeds are passed on.

What is a sponsor bid?

A sponsor bid is the price and organization you are supporting. For example, “We would love to work for you for $25/hour on behalf of the Humane Society” or “We’ll help with your shed construction for $75 to Second Harvest”.

What kind of work does gigs4good do?

All kinds! Please visit our services page.

How soon can a volunteer work for me?

gigs4good will work with you on a timeline that works for everyone.

Why should I contact gigs4good instead of donating directly to charity?

Free work! Unlike a typical donation, gigs4good provides volunteer work in return for your donation, making it valuable to both you and the donation recipient.