One Nation One Day

We are excited to announce that we have selected Chelsea Carena’s mission to Honduras as our next Gig! Check out the link to learn more about the One Nation One Day vision to see the impact that Chelsea will have in a few months!

Who We Are

Our purpose is to enable the dreams and ideas of others.  We are going to accomplish this by finding smaller, lesser-known causes that have inspired individuals.  More specifically, we promote the organizations and individuals who take the initiative to travel for charitable purposes, whose mission is to assist in the well-being of others while at their destination.

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Kristen Steffes

My name is Kristen Steffes, I am 21 years old and never dreamed my life would take the turn it has. I live to love others and love God with all my heart; to bring a smile to someone’s face and tell them they’re worth incredibly more than they can imagine.

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Kristen Steffes

What Others are Saying

I’m simply amazed at the impact this has had. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this, and change people lives for the better.

– Steve LaRouere

I couldn’t be more excited to get involved with helping other people. There is no better feeling.

– Nick Kristock